Cockroach Control Services in Nairobi

We get rid of cockroaches using the best insecticides made for this particular purpose. Our team is well equipped to provide a good service to…

Bedbug Control Services in Nairobi

We offer bedbugs control and fumigation services in Nairobi, Kiambu and Machakos. We use the latest control mechanisms to eradicate the bedbugs and their eggs.

Mosquitoes Control Services in Nairobi

Mosquitoes are among the common known insects which are harmful and very hazardous if not well controlled. Call us to secure your place from this…

Rodent Control Services in Nairobi

Rodents are very destructive don't let them infest in your place let us help you out.

Spider Control Services in Nairobi

Do spiders really need to be controlled? Yes, spiders can create cobwebs everywhere and make your place uncomfortable we help you do away with spiders

Bee Control Services in Nairobi

Bees are nice insects when they make us honey, but if not managed bees can be hostile and can even cause death. When they become uncontrollable call us and we will send them away not to return again.

Flies Control Services in Nairobi

House Flies can cause embarrassment at our homes and offices. Maident Pest Control and Fumigation uses best methods to effectively deal with house flies to…

Ants Control Services in Nairobi

We tactically find the ant colonies, destroy them by use of the right chemicals to completely get away with the infestation of this insect. Ants…

Termite Control Services in Nairobi

Termites are messy as they mess up your wooden houses or polls around the homestead or even as you are on construction. The problem is…

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