Termites Control Services

Here are a few common signs of termites that you might see (or hear) around your home or business:

  1. Termite mud – Termites construct ‘mud’ tunnels to provide a safe environment in which to travel, or protect their food sources. This mudding is often hard to see as it will be behind your walls or underground, but can sometimes be seen in your home’s brick foundations or in architraves.
  2. Tight fitting door or hard to open window – As termites devour timber, their excrement or ‘mud’ creates a protective environment that traps heat and moisture. This causes timber to swell, making it harder to open a window or close a door.
  3. Cracks in the cornice or door jams – As termites eat away the timber in your walls or door jams, it causes a loss in structural integrity and cracks form. Be careful jumping to conclusions, though; cracks could also be caused by movements in your home unrelated to termites.
  4. Papery or hollow sounding timber – When termites consume timber, they eat from the inside out, leaving a thin veneer of timber or paint. When you knock or tap on an area that has termite damage, it will sound hollow or papery due to parts (or all) of the timber having been eaten away.

If termites become a problem on your property, Maident Fumigation and Pest Control’s termite control services can help you to deal with the problem effectively.

Where you live is unique; there really is no place like home. Maident Fumigation and Pest Control termite inspections are carried out by termite control technicians who not only have on-the-ground experience, but who are trained with in-depth local expertise, so they will always know what’s going on in your area. Of course, our technicians still benefit from cross-regional knowledge, and use the latest technology.

Termites aren’t found out in the open. They like an environment that is dark, humid and protected, which is what makes them so hard to find – until it’s too late.

That’s why an annual termite inspection is so important. Dealing with termites at an early stage however, helps reduce later costs and damages.

Termites do – however – leave signs indicating their presence and often it’s termite damage that is seen, rather than the actual termites themselves.

Did you know termites can devalue a home by more than 25%?

If you find yourself under attack from destructive termites, you want someone you can trust to quickly restore your sense of comfort and safety. At Maident Fumigation and Pest Control, our termite treatment plans are tailored specifically for your particular needs. They are affordable and available when you need them.

Annual termite inspections are essential for early detection of this pest’s activity on a property, and to prevent the potential for large scale termite damage and expensive repairs. Inspections also assess the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests and our qualified technicians will suggest ways to minimise the risk of attack.

While you cannot get rid of termites permanently from the environment, you can help prevent them from taking root in your home and control any active colonies nearby.

Although it may be tempting to try termite control yourself, prevention and treatment is best left to the professionals.

Different methods are used to target the specific behavior of subterranean termites and drywood termites.

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