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How ‘Pest Free World’ Works

Living in a comfortable house with no fear for pests is the most natural thing, as well as having a safe working environment which is crucial for your business and for the customers. We strive to reach the best result fast and at minimum risk.


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The Most Popular Pests and Insects.

These are some of the pests and insects that disturb you. Contact us and we will eradicate all these pests and rodents.

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We Have Been Doing Projects Since 2018

Maident Pest Control and Fumigation Services has been in play for long having an experienced team working across different locations to help clients deal with different kinds of pests.

Our goal is to let you live and work in a safe space free of pests.

We help you keep your family safe from rodents and insects that can cause harm if not well controlled. We are experts in this field and our clients always enjoy the good end result of our work.

Competitive Prices
100% Satisfaction
Full Service Pest Removal
Quality Services

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    We get results – guaranteed – and one of the many reasons behind our high level of efficiency is our Quality Assurance Department, which performs random audits to make sure Comfort Pest Control is living up to our own high standards by monitoring key quality control factors.

    Household pests are a threat to your property as well as your health. Pests like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders and lizards cause diseases, discomfort and social embarrassment. You need a professional pest control mechanism to get rid of them.

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    Our Best Services

    We offer a wide range of services on pest control and fumigation.

    We deal with a variety of insects.

    bedbug cross
    Bed Bugs Control
    We offer bedbugs control and fumigation services in Nairobi, Kiambu and Machakos. We use the latest control mechanisms to eradicate the bedbugs and their eggs.
    Cockroaches control service
    Roaches Control
    We get rid of cockroaches using the best insecticides made for this particular purpose. Our team is well equipped to provide a good service to…
    no termites
    Termites Control
    Termites are messy as they mess up your wooden houses or polls around the homestead or even as you are on construction. The problem is…
    no mosquito
    Mosquitoes Control
    Mosquitoes are among the common known insects which are harmful and very hazardous if not well controlled. Call us to secure your place from this…
    House Flies Control
    House Flies can cause embarrassment at our homes and offices. Maident Pest Control and Fumigation uses best methods to effectively deal with house flies to…
    Fleas Control
    We love our pets and we cannot eliminate the possibility of fleas. Maident Pest control helps eradicate all these fleas which might have invested in…
    Ants control
    We tactically find the ant colonies, destroy them by use of the right chemicals to completely get away with the infestation of this insect. Ants…

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    About pests control

    How we Do It

     We provide Pest Control services and solutions in homes, offices, schools, ware houses, factories, and laboratories, residential and commercial complexes.

    General pests like cockroach, ants, lizards, spiders, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes and rodents are covered under pest control services.

    Pests are extremely adaptable and use a variety of methods to adapt changes in environment. Pests change their behaviors and adapt physiologically, including changing their times of activity and hiding.

    Therefore, we try to do a better job by eliminating most of them and preventing any occurrence of this pests again. We use various methods like heating to completely take care of different stages of pests life-cycle

    We are the pest exterminators
    We are the pest controllers
    We are the best pest control solution
    We Provide the best pest eradication services
    We work with your timetable
    We work with your cost
    We provide the best fumigation services

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    A Reason To Like Us

    Don’t miss on this!

    FREE service if any infestation occurs during the contract period.

    Our responsibility is to keep our customers safe from pests and we take that responsibility seriously.

    We render service to all commercial buildings, big or small:

    Banks, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Schools, Multi Family Properties, Food Processing, Food Services, Warehouses, Hotels, Doctors Offices, Health Care Facilities, Factories,

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    Your Happiness Is Our First Priority

    Pest control services are a necessity to help you deal with unwanted insects like bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, rodents, fleas, spiders and other pests

    Maident Pest control and fumigation is a well renowned company to deal with all the above pests and the unlisted ones any time and all the time.

    Highly Rated & Esteemed
    We are Committed
    Fully Satisfaction Guarantee
    One-Time Extermination
    Trusted Professionals
    Quality Service
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    What Kind of Pest Control
    Services Do We Offer

    Pest Control Service Type

    Commercial Fumigation and Pest Control Services

    Maident Fumigation and Pest Control provides commercial pest control services in Nairobi, Machakos and Kiambu counties.

    Developed by our team of pest control experts, Pest control service targets nuisance pest like cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes and rats.

    No Matter what type of business or industry , our pest control services will eliminate the problem in around your facility.

    Pest Control Service Type

    Residential Fumigation and Pest Control Services

    Maident Fumigators and Pest Control provides an integrated residential pest control services. We are certified and licensed by NEMA.

    Our integrated approach helps to prevent and reduce pest infestation and reduce the unnecessary usage of pesticides and make your home healthier. We are specialize in controlling bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas and other insects. We offer free estimates and inspection to our customers.

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    About Maident Pest Control and Fumigation



    Maident Pest Control and Fumigation services uses the well recommended methods to deal with pests to eradicate, suppress, prevent insects  and undertake fumigation services. 

    This allows us to be able to undertake any pest control services in any location such us homes, restaurants, schools, hotels, public rest rooms, public transport vehicles, offices, etc.

    Pest control term refers to the control or management of a species defined as a pest, not total elimination of the pests. Controlling pests makes more sense in the environment community live in.

    Fumigation involves controlling pests by using fumes. Fumigation is one of the methods used to control pests.

    Fumigation is generally used for control commodity pests. This process is sometimes referred to as “gassing.”

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    We Have An Amazing Pricing For Cleaning Services

    Basic Plan
    • 2 Bed rooms cleaning
    • 2 Living room cleaning
    • Household pests Control
    • Re-Service at No-Charge
    • Termite Control
    $100/Per Month
    Standard Plan
    • 2 Bed rooms cleaning
    • 2 Living room cleaning
    • Household pests Control
    • Re-Service at No-Charge
    • Termite Control
    $150/Per Month
    Premium Plan
    • 2 Bed rooms cleaning
    • 2 Living room cleaning
    • Household pests Control
    • Re-Service at No-Charge
    • Termite Control
    $300/Per Month
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    We’ve Have an Expert Team

    We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation of the message and smart incentives.

    Dianne Russel

    Hospital Cleaner

    David Cuper

    House Cleaner

    Sarah Taylor

    Hospital Cleaner

    Wiliams Taylor

    Company Cleaner
    We are the best pest exterminators

    Why Could you Choose Us?

    Reliable, Friendly and Punctual service.
    24/7 Customer support.
    Highly trained and Certified technicians.
    Use of advanced herbal gel treatment for cockroach and ants control.
    An integrated pest management approach to pest management.
    Use only chemicals that are approved by NEMA

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    Follow our latest news and thoughts which focuses exclusively on fumigation and pest control.

    Learn how to discover pest infestation and what your actions will be to secure yourself against all pests and other insects.

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